Mobile Systems

Sabre Industires Mobile Systems

Sabre offers a full line of mobile, panelized and field-erectable products that provide temporary network and wireless coverage to locations where cellular coverage is minimal or compromised.

We have both commercial driver’s license and non-commercial driver’s license rated cell-on-chassis units available.

Our product line includes:

  • CART (Mobile Aluminum Outdoor Equipment Enclosure)
  • COLT (Cell on Light Truck)
  • COP (Cell on Platform)
  • COW (Cell on Wheels)
  • CROW (Mini-COW/Cell Repeater on Wheels)
  • ECAT (Mini-COW/Emergency Communication Antenna Trailer)
  • GOAT (Generator on a Truck)
  • MPTU (Multi-Purpose Trailer Unit)
  • Portable Generators
  • TOW (Tower on Wheels)

Providing you with portable solutions, Sabre’s mobile products are perfect for disaster recovery operations, and available for both domestic and international applications. For more information on our mobile products, please contact us by phone at (318) 207-0264 or by email at

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