Outdoor Cabinet Enclosures

Sabre Industries Outdoor Cabinets

Sabre offers both concrete and metal outdoor cabinet enclosures. Available in a variety of configurations, they can be used in several different applications and industries.

Concrete Cabinets

Ideal for use as fiber huts, Sabre’s concrete cabinets feature a concrete floor, roof and side walls along with steel insulated doors on both the front and back. The outer concrete walls are ideal for attaching interface boxes, AC and DC disconnects, and HVAC units or ducts. Inside the cabinets have 19” racks that hold up to 1400 lbs. each and are configurable in height.

Adaptable to many different configurations and battery manufacturers, Sabre’s concrete cabinets do not require a building or fire permit. They come in ballistic and storm-rated options, and an extended base is available if a porch is needed for exterior equipment.

Metal Cabinet Enclosures

Designed to meet or exceed the needs of the energy storage industry, Sabre’s metal cabinet enclosures are customizable and well-suited for bringing distributed power and other service to a desired market. They are available as 1, 2, or 3-bay enclosures. Our metal cabinets provide application flexibility with a variety of adjustable components including:

  • Moveable universal equipment mounting racks
  • Various types of mounting hardware
  • Swing/pantograph racks
  • Slide out equipment rails
  • Different styles of cable demark ports with terminated interfaces

Sabre’s metal cabinet enclosures come with an outdoor-grade polyester powder paint finish. We offer a selection of colors including beige, light-gray, black, and green, along with a few others. Texture and graffiti-resistant paints are available.

Once your cabinet is manufactured, our in-house integration team makes sure it is complete with lighting, environmental controls, electrical systems, back-up power, DC power systems, alarms, grounding, instrumentation, safety equipment, communications, and 3rd party electrical equipment. Combining the cabinet and integration as a system, results in an optimally-designed, highly-reliable and efficient unit that provides easy installation and long-term operation in a single outdoor cabinet design. For more detailed information on our outdoor enclosures, contact us by phone at (318) 213-2900 or via email at buildingsinfo@sabreindustries.com.

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