Precast Concrete Structures

Sabre Tower Precast Concrete Structures

Sabre Industries offers a variety of precast concrete structures.

Utilizing our in-house batch plant and casting molds, we have the ability to produce custom concrete piers, pads and walls. Designed to your load specifications, these structures are made with our lightweight formulation to help reduce shipping costs.

Pier Foundations

Sabre’s precast pier foundations are designed to minimize site disturbance and construction time. Done in a day, all you need to do is drill the hole; run the power, ground, and fiber into the pier conduit; level it; bury the pier and set the pole. Anchor connections are already cast into the concrete pier. Custom-engineered, piers can be up to 48” in diameter, 20’ in length, and 20 tons.

Concrete Pads

Sabre manufactures concrete pads for a variety of applications including equipment pads, elevated walkways, and road repair. Available with areas up to 16’ x 53’ poured, they have a thickness of 4” to 12” with waffling to reduce weight. The pads can be fabricated with anchors and embedded plates, if necessary. We also offer options for built in conduit, channels, grating, piping, and sealing interfaces.

Barrier Walls

Sabre’s concrete barrier walls come in a variety of finishes. Featuring our lightweight concrete formulation with steel reinforcement, they can be used with concrete or steel columns. Available in a single part up to 10’ tall or multi-part up to 20’, they provide you with noise reduction and ballistic protection to UL752.

Sabre’s precast and steel structural capabilities combined with our equipment integration provide you with a completed assembly that makes your site installation simple. Contact us (318) 213-2900 or via email at to see what we can do for you.

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