Standard Class Poles

Sabre Industries Standard Class Poles

Sabre-FWT’s light duty standard class poles are designed to ANSI requirements.

These poles satisfy the needs of both the cooperatives that are governed by RUS requirements, and investor-owned utilities that specify a “wood pole equivalent” structure. Concerns regarding severe weather, fires, woodpecker damage, accessibility issues in remote areas, and simple environmental issues have increased the need to replace wood poles with steel. Lighter than either wood or concrete poles, our light duty standard class poles are easy to erect and maintain.

Sabre-FWT also provides an interactive MS Excel-based worksheet that allows you to input basic design criteria, such as required height and embedment depth, and create the design calculation output for each pole class ranging from Class 3 to Class H10. In addition, input fields for fixity point below ground and “near pole top” allow you the ability to review the diameter and moment capacity at each location to determine the pole class best suited for your project.

Our Standard Class Pole worksheet is currently being updated and will be available soon. To receive your own interactive version, please contact your Sabre-FWT sales representative.

These poles satisfy cooperative needs and investor-owned utilities that specify a “wood pole equivalent”.